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Egoraptor, I would like to begin by saying, you have some kick ass videos under your belt. But this is further. Like the cheese under your balls, no matter how awesome your balls are, the cheese (this video) is better left hidden.

I have no idea what the fuck i just watched. It made no sense and didn't leave me with even a chuckle, but instead feeling like i was missing out on something. Everyone seems to have understood a joke that I don't get. I think your video game parodies are awesome. But this...this was just....what the dick man? You know?

Was this a parody of something or all from your head? It was so stupid...it was stupid. Just an ounce of intelligence might have made this funny.

I love psi-ops

I still play that game!! i love it, has awesome graphics and physics. Amazing flash dude...amazing (loved the mechanical...cross thing....

Did he throw a city at that guy??

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sickdeathfiends was the best. it was awesome.

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3 words.

Xbox Live Arcade.

I'd play this with friends lol.

May i use this?

my i use the first map for this to recreate in Killing Floor? ill give creds :D lol


Very nice. I really liked it, you could make a real game out of this idea. Its awesome. I could imagine this on Xbox Live or something. Or the PSP/DS

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Lol LCD.

LCD is a type of computer monitor. I believe you are referring to LSD...or acid. but about the song itself, it sounds like a melting haunted spaceship. Dunno how else to describe it. I just think of ghosts freaking out as they try to stop their melting ship from crash landing on earth's surface.

BowserThedestructive responds:

Yes thanks for mentioning that I fail haha.. I can't believe I mixed those two 3 letters up oh well time to change it ^_^..funny way to think about the song haha.

Heres the original beat for those who were lookin.

http://www.newgrounds [dot] com/audio/listen/298194
i found it by using the title of your mp3, 298194_ydyhdddasf.mp3
Newgrounds works numerically. Each song has a distinct number, like an ID.
Look in your URL bar, at the end of the link theres 6 digits. thats the distinct ID for this song.

Anyway, your rapping is good, but the lyrics aren't the best. You're on your way.

Guess people don't like midi.

Hope this helps :)

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Woah woah waoh...hold up a second.

Why would you paint Kratos (from a PS3 exclusive game) on an XBOX?

Still really nice work. I like it.

Ricepuppet responds:

because the client requested it.

this is amazing

I love this, do you mind if i use some of your work as graffiti decals in a few video game levels?

Grigoro responds:

yep , whynot)

now i feel kinda bad.

i have a sign in front of my house that says "no creepers"

I like to make maps with the unreal engine. (killing floor, unreal 2004) i draw, but not often...maybe once a month when i have nothing better to do. it's not really a passion for me, i want to be more into game development, 3d modeling, level design etc.

25, Male

nuttin yet

I call it Hell.

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